Donations Account Details

Bank Name: First National Bank (FNB)
Account Holder: Stokvel Legal Fund (NPC)
Account Number: 62896193465
Branch Name: Mall of Africa

The account herein is administered by a Non-profit organisation and its sole purpose is to collect funds which will be utilized for legal fees to defend Up Money and its members against the unjust legal attack launched by the government. There is only one account designated for this purpose therefore any other account suggested by anyone will be deemed as fraudulent and Up Money takes no responsibility for monies donated to a different account either that the one stated herein.

Urgent Message From CEO

Your Growth Starts Here

Africa has always had difficulty in providing for its citizens.
It is a uniquely African problem. The irony is that the solution really is in our hands; but only if we do it together.

There are no easy answers to the African problem; not economically and certainly not politically.
Our solution is really your solution; to save together, buy together so we can grow together.


We Save Together

Save on monthly groceries and earn extra income.


We Buy Together

The benefits of bulk buying mean more and cheaper.


We Grow Together

A team effort to help you quickly grow your network.

Our Products



Grocery Pack

  • 2L Cooking Oil
  • 5KG Maize Meal
  • 2KG Maize Rice

Meat Pack

  • 4KG Mixed Portion
  • 2KG Boerewors
  • 60 Large Eggs

Baby Pack

  • 1 Pampers Mega Box
  • 2 Nan Optipro
  • 1 Pack 288 Baby Wipes